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This year will be a wonderful year for Ladies Golf! There has never been such a large range of equipment, shoes, and clothes for women who enjoy the game of golf. Ladies' golf clubs have all the equipment and customization present in men's golf clubs after decades of lag. The durability and choice of footwear and golf equipment are greater than ever. Plus, we don't need to wear those awkward leather saddle shoes anymore - golf shoes for women are better than ever. Comfortable athletic golf boots are now trending, so get on board and do some shoe shopping.

Any new golf clubs are the first indispensable golf kit for lady golfers. To help you drive the ball higher and further than ever before, every maker now provides the latest and greatest technology. With over-sized Taylor Made Golf and Callaway Golf drivers, the tee shots can be lengthier and straighter. With higher and smoother landing shots, hybrid golf clubs help you progress the ball on longer holes and escape from the rough. Hybrid Iron mixed sets make it easy to strike longer 'iron/hybrid iron' while the shorter iron provides the precision needed to hit the green. Take advantage of these qualities that contemporary women's golf clubs can provide, and you are guaranteed to increase your scores.

Do not forget the golf accessories while you shop for golf gear this year. A great cart or holding bag with ample storage and pockets to accommodate all the stuff you will need this season is a necessary golf equipment. Ensure that the golf bag has a stand and dual strap configuration if you intend to walk and hold your bag. Do not forget to pick up a quality umbrella for rainy days and pack a few extra small towels and gloves. The vital golf kit accessories will be rounded out by tees, a few spike substitutes, and plenty of your favorite golf balls.

In the past few years, fashion has come a long way. Lady golfers are more relaxed and trendier than ever with Drift technology (are we always saying "technology" when it comes to clothing?), and so many brands make golf apparel. You will find it to be easy and surprisingly 'dry' if you have not worn the Drift clothing yet. Concentrated strips of cloth and fabrics drain moisture from the wider regions, making you look and feel drier - fantastic things!

Okay, the perfect one for last - shoe shopping! With fantastic new models and dry shoe technology, Adidas, Foot Joy, and Nike lead the way. Thankfully, wearing golf shoes in the form of tennis shoes is no longer a trend flop. It is no longer a nightmare and agony to walk the seven or eight miles required to play eighteen holes in the foot. Take a look at the Foot Joy line if you do like the typical look of women's golf shoes. They combine breathability, longevity, and waterproof comfort with a classic look.

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