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Welcome and thank you for visiting, my name is Leonie and I am the Owner of Women's Golf Gear!

This website has been designed as a golf store for women who are looking for affordable, staple clothing essentials.

My range of items are suitable or designed especially for golf, although some golf clubs do have specific dress codes that must be adhered to.

We are based in Melbourne Australia but are shipping world wide from multiple fulfilment centres.

Although my dream was to have a retail store, I have had to put this on hold thanks to the pandemic as it is just not viable to have a brick and mortar space when you live in the most locked down city in the world!

Shipping straight to you is also better for the planet and our prices.

Rather than the product being shipped to me and then me shipping again to you, it cuts out extra, plane trips and delivery trucks. My costs are lower and I can then offer you lower prices and free shipping!

I love golf!

I took up golf and very quickly became very very addicted, as I am sure many of you can relate to!

Sadly not long after I was struck down with a critical illness that turned my world upside down.

I had to leave a job and lifestyle I loved and create an alternative income.

This is how Womens Golf Gear was born!

I do feel that desire to golf was part of what kept me going through my illness and recovery.

 I am not ashamed to say that “ Golf helped saved my life “

This has left me with the desire to encourage women and girls from all walks of life to try and take up golf.

Not only is it a great activity for your body and physically rewarding but it is fantastic for your mental health and resilience. 

It teaches you that no matter how bad your last shot was, it’s the next one that is the most important.

Always keep trying to improve, better your self with practice and you will see the rewards.

This site and product selection is just the beginning, please be patient as I build relationships with new suppliers and design my own range of products as well!

If you would like to know more about me please follow the store on Instagram: 

Thanks for reading my journey and happy golfing!!!

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